Step aside Jay-Z, it’s all over for hip hop

Did you say Vanity Fair?

Did you say Vanity Fair?


Back in the day (pre-Elvis), it used to be a truism of dating that you could tell a lot about a potential partner from the books they displayed on their shelves. But when people who could, y’know,  actually read became somehow less, rather than more, attractive this quaint notion was superseded by the rule that you should never date a person who owned a Kate Bush record or a copy of Dark Side of The Moon (maybe that was just in my head).

In the modern age (post-Facebook), no doubt would-be lovers will scrutinise and share Spotify lists with a fervour once reserved for a dog-eared copy of Catcher in the Rye.

But what are we to make of the musical tastes of Vanity Fair readers as unveiled in a new poll?

The poll was conducted by telephone from February 5-9, 2014 among 1,017 adults across the United States.

According to the figures, nearly half of the respondents get their major  music shots via the radio. A mere 17 percent use a digital music service.

Things become even more bizarre when the pollsters pondered the battle for influence waged between Louis Armstrong  and Jay-Z.

Three out of four respondents though jazz as the most important type of American music with 19 percent plumping for hip hop. Not only that, half of those surveyed said that hip hop has most likely reached its peak and will not get any better. Take that Kanye!

Then the survey takes a truly surrealistic twist and asks: “In which decade would you jump off your time machine to see a band perform before they lost their famous lead singer”?

The answers are no less eye-brow raising:  22 percent would go back to the 1950s to see Buddy Holly with the Crickets; 21 percent would head back to the 1970s to see Freddy Mercury perform with Queen; another 21 percent would venture as far as the 1960s and “experience” (geddit??) Jimi Hendrix; 13 percent would see Jim Morrison in his prime and 11 percent would travel back to 1990s and “seek Nirvana in the form of Kurt Cobain”. Nine percent would skip the trip altogether – party poopers.


When more people in your survey would rather attend a performance by Buddy Holly than Jimi Hendrix, you have wonder if you are talking to people with actual ears.

That said, one in four thought the guitar was the sexiest instrument – whether Jimi or Buddy was on the other end…